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How Shawn Mendes’ Secret Mental Health Battle Affected His Career

Shawn Mendes is at the peak of his music career right now, and while he’s enjoying the limelight, the pop star has also used his platform to raise awareness about mental health and how anxiety and depression can also affect men. In a recent interview, the renowned singer admitted to his own struggles with anxiety and how he’s trying to overcome them.

The Interview

In a recent interview, the renowned singer disclosed that he has been battling with anxiety ever since he became a celebrity, and he has only. But despite his success in overcoming his condition, Mendes admits that he still suffers from anxiety up to this day.

He said that opening up about his struggles to his family and fans was one of the scariest, yet liberating, things he’s ever done.

Mendes emphasizes the importance to have someone to talk to as you deal with your mental health struggles.

Mendes emphasizes the importance of having someone to talk to about your mental health struggles

Despite his fear, Mendes says being upfront about his mental health issues was one of the most important factors that helped him overcome them. If it wasn’t for the outpouring of love and support he received from Verizon Up members, Mendes would have been stuck in a perpetual cycle of guilt and fear.

But now that he has come clean, there is nothing for him to hide or be ashamed of. In fact, he’s using his platform to promote mental health awareness and help others see that they’re not alone.

First Confession

The renowned singer first opened up about his anxiety after he received a Grammy Award for his hit song In My Blood. Mendes said that the lyrics conveyed a very powerful message to people who struggled with mental health like him; after all, the song is about persevering and not giving up no matter the circumstances.

Mendes is thankful that his songs don't only serve as his means of coping up but also in inspiring other mental health patients like him.

Mendes is thankful that his songs help others in coping with mental health struggles

Mendes remembered how his anxiety slowly dissipated as he wrote down the lyrics. Not only did it help him overcome his fear, but he also felt motivated to share his message with fans around the world.

The singer also draws strength from other people who have fought mental health battles like him. He may not know everyone personally, but he knows that they can all feel what he’s feeling through his music and have a sense of connection with him. Mendes says that music has the power of bringing people together and expressing yourself in a way that words can’t.

The Culprit

When asked what triggers his anxiety, Mendes answered, “superstardom,” especially being exposed to it at such a young age and watching his life change so quickly. While the Canadian singer is grateful that his dream came true, the thought of disappointing his fans or committing a fatal mistake scares him.

The singer enjoys going back to Toronto to bond with his family and friends like a normal man.

The singer enjoys going back home in Toronto, Canada to bond with his family and friends

Fortunately, Mendes says his family and close friends keep him level-headed. He’s incredibly happy they treat him like a normal person instead of a celebrity, which is refreshing for Mendes.

On Dating

Despite the massive amount of fame he has accumulated over a short span of time, Shawn says he tries to stay humble and focus on building genuine connections, especially when it comes to dating. He’s sincere in courting and pursuing a woman he loves.

He also hopes his hectic schedule as a singer won’t strain any relationship he’ll have in the future. Furthermore, Mendes always reminds himself to stay humble and grateful for all the blessings he has received in both his career and personal life.

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