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The Biggest Mistakes that Parents Could Make While Parenting

Parenting is a demanding task. Raising children has become far more time consuming and expensive. But after all the struggle, what if your parenting turned out to be a total failure? Here are some things that you must teach your kids.

It is not normal to be a popular parent and have your off-springs profile on every other magazine. Esther Wojcicki, the mother of two CEÒs and one high profile doctor, said that she doesn’t share their success and does not takes credit for their victories. However, every one of them has ended up being cultivated, mindful, and skilled individuals.

Susan is the CEO of YouTube, Janet, a successful pediatrician, and Anne, the co-founder and CEO of 23andMe, everyone rose to the highest point one can achieve in male-dominant professions.

Susan said that people often come to her for advice regarding their kids, as her being multi-experienced as a mother, grandmother, and an academician. Over the years, she has identified some core values that can help the children achieve their goals.

Teaching kids to care!

Susan believed that it was her job to contribute and improve her locale. While everybody just sat and talked about teaching their kids, she made a real difference.

All of her hard work paid off because each of her daughters cares about the well being of the community. She said that she did not realize at that time how much her teachings could impact her children and make them care about their locale.

The importance of community

According to a recent study, youngsters who hangout with children less their age are less cynical and don’t suffer from cardiovascular diseases.  A survey conducted in 2016 has proved that teenagers who participated in humanitarian work were fundamentally more averse to take part in unlawful practices and furthermore had few arrests in their mid-twenties.

Organize administration and purpose

Furthermore, Susan’s views were that for what reason, the U.S. has a pandemic of narcotic enslavement, wretchedness, and suicide? She said that Americans don’t have the right data on how to live well and take care of their selves.

Rather than asking her daughters about what they want, Susan insisted on asking questions about what her children’s life purpose was. When we make a mistake of preparing our children to always be happy or to achieve materialistic wealth, all we are doing is helping them in climbing a ladder to failure. Living life is not a cup of tea, it is full of trials and tribulations, so, if you really want to raise your kids well, then make no mistakes, close that hundred dollars parenting book and take Wojcicki’s advice. Help them find their purpose.

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