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Simon Cowell Shocks Fans with a Drastic Makeover! Can You Tell What’s Different About His Appearance?

For some of us, embarking on a weight loss journey sounds daunting simply because you have to give up on most of your favorite foods, lower your calorie intake follow and follow a healthier lifestyle.

Unfortunately for others, what serves as wakeup call is a serious health problem knocking on their door, which was what happened to Simon Cowell. If you’ve been watching TV lately, you’ve probably spotted a slimmer, fitter America’s Got Talent judge gracing the red carpet. Wait, is that really Simon Cowell?

How drastic is this transformation?

Drastic Change

Fans who have been following the talent search show since Day 1 would have probably seen how Simon looked like before his major transformation. Seventeen years later, the ruthless judge shocked everyone after he sported a svelte figure that unintentionally showed in his tight-fitted gray sweatshirt and black slacks.

The transformation was so major that it made headlines around the world? The 59-year-old looked unrecognizable after his drastic weight loss which left fans speculating if he had gone under the knife.

Health Scare

Most of us wondered what his secret might be to looking noticeably trimmed down. Thankfully, Simon is not too keen on keeping the formula to shedding an eye-popping 20 pounds to himself.

The desire to get in better shape was prompted by a 2017 health scare — the talent manager was about to get a glass of milk when he lost consciousness and fell down the stairs. Later on, he learned that this was because of low blood pressure.

The incident served as a reminder to Simon that he, nor anyone, is not invincible. As per the doctor’s advice, diary, sugar, gluten, and red meat are all banned from his diet.

What about alcohol? he wondered. Perhaps not as much as what he had before, the expert answered. Apart from his own wellbeing, the father of one made changes to his lifestyle because of his son, Eric, and said he had more responsibilities now more than ever.

Simon Cowell thought of his son Eric in lifestyle change

Speaking of the 5-year-old whom he shares with Lauren Silverman, Simon quipped he was on an “Eric Diet” because the little boy loves water and raw veggies.

With the beautiful outcome, it surely had taken some work, right? For one, he never had a cheat day (can you believe that?), but that he usually craves for pizza (who doesn’t?).

It’s quite surprising that he is only tempted by pizza since the celebrity loves comfort food such as hamburgers, Bolognese, and jam tarts, which he cut out of his diet.

Lifestyle Overhaul

Was it hard for Simon to make the transition? Believe it or not, it was easy for him to switch to a healthier eating plan because of the simple alternatives in his diet.

In fact, he had since been strict in following the program. Going vegan also meant being aware that some fruits have high sugar.

Lauren Silverman has been there for Simon Cowell in this journey

The change became enjoyable once he had a pattern and it became a habit. Of course, it helped that his girlfriend had been supportive of him in this journey.

Plus, Simon couldn’t deny the fact that the lifestyle overhaul came with a lot of perks like sleeping well and waking up energized, differences which he had noticed in just a week.

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