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Scientists Have Found a Surprising Link Between COVID-19 and Vitamin D- Here’s What They Discovered

This year has been all about focusing on your health and immunity. Obviously, the ongoing pandemic hasn’t left any of us much of a choice. If you want to stay protected against COVID-19, the best thing to do is to strengthen your immune system. For an added advantage, you should also practice being hygienic and maintain social and physical distance.

The virus hasn’t been known to mankind. As such, scientists are working day and night to learn more about the virus. Most recently, a team of researchers discovered a correlation between Vitamin D and the severity of COVID-19 symptoms. The study concluded that patients with a higher level of Vitamin D intake experience less severe symptoms of COVID-19.

Unsplash | Scientists have been researching on the benefits of Vitamin D for a long time

The Sunshine Vitamin

Vitamin D helps the body to keep its bones strong. It does so by aiding it in absorbing calcium. It also helps to carry messages from the brain to all other parts of the body. Due to its properties, it can help in boosting their immunity of your body as well.

The Vitamin is primarily obtained through exposure to sunlight. It is also found in some seafood items like mackerel, tuna, and salmon. Other than that, Vitamin D is also available in foods like cheese and egg yolks. If your diet is not largely based on seafood or dairy products, you can opt for supplements instead. Vitamin D supplements can help provide your daily requirement of the element easily. However, refrain from self-medicating and consult your doctor before choosing your supplements.

Unsplash | Dietary supplements may help you in achieving your daily requirement of Vitamin D

More Notable Discoveries

Another important study was conducted by British researchers on twenty European states. The results concluded that countries with a higher percentage of the elderly population and lesser levels of Vitamin D had more cases of COVID-19. These states witnessed a spike in their mortality rate as well. Such states include Italy, Switzerland, and Spain.

Moreover, Louisiana State University experimented with African Americans living in the state. The results showed a higher mortality rate amongst the African American community. This is because the melanin in colored skin prevents it from absorbing high levels of Vitamin D from the sun.

Unsplash | Multiple studies are being conducted across the globe every single day

Furthermore, Northwestern University, located in Boston, also conducted a worldwide study in which the researchers found a strong correlation between a phenomenon they termed as ‘cytokine storm’, and decreased levels of Vitamin D. Cytokine storm is a rare condition caused by overactivity in the immune system, thereby resulting in hyperinflammation. The study also found a higher correlation between mortality rate and decreased Vitamin D levels.

More researches are being conducted globally to ensure that mankind has as much knowledge as possible with regards to his health and well-being. Additionally, all the work published so far has suggested the positive role of Vitamin D is curbing the effects of COVID-19.

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