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Did You Know Gardening Is No Lesser Than Exercising?

Public health experts have warned that Coronavirus might have damaging consequences in the long run. The mental health of every individual is at stake. Social media and news publish the increasing numbers of patients now and then, which creates a panic among the public. As a result, people come across various mood swings, anxiety, depression, and stress.

Stress weakens our immune system, which in turn makes us more prone to diseases. Therefore you must find some peace and calm to combat the effects of the storm.

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Finding Calmness Is Necessary During Challenging Times

There are many ways to uplift your emotional and mental well-being. Exercise is one of the most prescribed and followed activities in this regard. But you can’t ignore the fact that not only physical exercise but even an activity like gardening can boost your mood. Studies show that gardening can help in reducing depression and anxiety symptoms, the same as other exercises.


Unsplash | Gardening can prove to be a wellbeing enhancer just like exercise

Let’s learn a little more about this.

Home Gardening – An Intimate Connection with Nature

We often ignore gardening when caught in our daily regime. But it is scientifically proven that it could provide a lot of health benefits to an individual. Apart from catering to the needs of fresh fruits and vegetables, gardening promotes physical fitness. Not only does it support emotional well-being, but it also reinforces healthy behavior towards human beings, animals, as well as plants.

Benefits of Gardening

  • Bonding with Mother Earth

Gardening being such an easy task is a great project to start even for a person who doesn’t have a green thumb. That means that an amateur in this field may also learn how to do it with the help of a few simple tips and tricks. It is a natural phenomenon that does not require any professional training. Even modern parents are keen to teach this mood booster to their young ones.


Unsplash | Gardening forges a strong bond with Mother Earth

  • Freshness Indeed

It is rightly said that while veggies and fruits feed the belly, plants and flowers feed the heart. It gives immense pleasure to see your hard work in the garden paying off. Like a kid, your heart fills with joy by looking at the fruit of what you had sown. It fills you with positive energy.

  • Promotes Meaningfulness

There are many activities, like cycling, walking, etc., which help boost the mood. But gardening provides a great sense of meaningfulness to an individual. The elderly, and most of the time, women are involved in gardening. They tend to forget about their negative emotions like pain, sadness, fatigue, or stress while gardening and concentrate on happiness and their existence.


Unsplash | Gardening is soul enriching

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To restore the environment, authorities are already promoting green space. So we all can contribute to this by making the world a little greener. Doing so will not only give us vibrant landscapes but also foster health by burning calories and enhancing mental health.

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