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Keytruda Might Be Effective in Helping Treat Brain Cancer

Glioblastoma is among the deadliest forms of cancer. Because people diagnosed with brain cancer have a survival time of 15 to 16 months with treatment. But there might be the slightest ray of hope as there is a new study which proved beneficial at curing brain cancer.

Research with hope!

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New research shows that an immunotherapy drug might extend the life of people who are suffering from Glioblastoma if given to them before the surgery to remove tumors. Researchers found out that by inducing the drug before surgery, the T cells within tumors, which were dormant, got activated and that helped in extending people’s lives.

People who received the medication before surgery lived for an average of 417 days, while who took the drug after, lived for 228 days. There is a hope that cancer might be cured soon, as we at the very least have a foot in the door.

Exposing tumors

Brain tumors are very challenging to treat because of the immune response in the brain. As the brain is inside the skull, swelling could be deadly. Patients who have undergone radiation or chemotherapy have a weakened immune response to cancer.

The tumor inside the head produces immunosuppressants that can affect the whole body, not just the brain. This study might lead to more chance at survival of Glioblastomic patients, as it could be managed to receive a faster immune response in the tumor. This was the first time it was noticed that immunotherapy might have a clinical benefit for patients suffering from malignant brain tumors.

Immunotherapy, a brighter future?

In the future, immunotherapy might replace traditional chemotherapy and radiation treatment.  In another research, the researchers experimented by directly injecting the T-cells into the tumor sites. As every Glioblastomic patient is different from the other, it was noted that how T-cells work on tumors of several different patients.


Immunotherapy might be a possible cure for treating brain cancer as it added more days to people’s lives. As the patients who were given the drug before the therapy outlived those people who received it after.

We are hopeful now that this form of cancer, which is the deadliest cancer, might be cured with few effective treatment options.  The autoimmune drug, Keytruda, helped in triggering an immune response against cancer. More research is needed in this field to determine what kind of immunotherapy works better for individuals with patients suffering from brain cancer.

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