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Jennifer Lopez Looks 20 Years Younger Than Her Actual Age, Could This Be Her Anti-Aging Secret?

Jennifer Lopez is considered the gold standard when it comes to beauty and grace in Hollywood. The woman is almost 50 years old but is yet to show any signs of aging — if that isn’t magic, we don’t know what is!

The vivacious singer is still rocking the same energy and youthfulness as she did 20 years ago when she first exploded on the music scene. You all remember the groovy tune of If You Had My Love, don’t you?

Of course, she has all the wealth at her disposal to get cosmetic enhancements and surgeries but J-Lo opted for the natural route and adopted healthy habits early on to slow down aging. And what can we say? All those intensive workouts and clean eating have really helped her case.

Even after having a couple of children, Lopez’s appearance hasn’t changed much. It makes us wonder just how did she retain her ethereal beauty after all these decades. Well, it seems the renowned singer is finally breaking the silence on her heavily-guarded beauty secrets — and it all boils down to her skincare routine.

The Routine

The singer says that diet plays a crucial role in maintaining her youthful skin. Just earlier this year, she did a 10-day no-carb-no-sugar challenge not only for her own health and well-being but also in preparation for her role in Hustlers. J.Lo initially thought that the challenge would be easy since she’s already used to eating healthy.

J.Lo says living a healthy lifestyle helps in maintaining her skin.

J.Lo says living a healthy lifestyle helps in maintaining her skin

But much to her surprise, she struggled for the first few days as she discovered her apparent addiction to sugar. However, she persevered until the end of the challenge and beat her sugar addiction. 

The singer strictly avoids alcohol, caffeine and even smoking because not only do these unhealthy habits endanger her health, but also damage her skin.

Good Genes

In an interview with Today, Lopez credited her flawless skin to genetics. The singer sang praises for her grandmother and mother who’re still youthful and radiant despite their age, and naturally, she’s fortunate to have inherited their beauty genes.

J.Lo looking young and flawless as she graced the red carpet last 2014.

J.Lo looking young and flawless on the red carpet

While we certainly can’t have Lopez’s genes, as much as we wish we could, we can still follow some of her other healthy habits to achieve healthy, radiant skin. Lopez says drinking plenty of water helps hydrate the skin and flush out all the toxins from the body.

Aside from that, she loves incorporating fruits and vegetables in her diet to nourish her body and give her skin the nutrients it needs to stay healthy.

The Recommended Products

In 2016, Lopez revealed she also relies on skincare products to retain her youthful glow. While a healthy lifestyle does help in delaying the natural aging process, it can only take her so far. The singer invests in high-end products, facials and anti-aging treatments to maintain her youthful glow.

J.Lo makes sure to use only the best skin care products for her skin.

J.Lo makes sure to use only the best products for her skin

Some of her recommended products include Lancer’s Facial Cleanser, its Eye Contour Lifting Cream, as well as the Rose Day Cream from Dr. Hauschka. What’s more, J.Lo’s top picks are affordable so her fans can use them if they want to. The products cost within the $45-$95 range and can last well over a month.

Taking Extra Care

Aside from choosing the best skin-care products, J.Lo is also picky when it comes to letting people touch her skin. The actress makes sure she only hires the best makeup gurus to do her makeup and skincare rituals.

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