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How Cash can Help You Save Some Money and Burn Calories

As things are getting outdated and customs are getting out of fashion, paying with cash feels like the hardest thing to do. Nearly 29 percent of Americans have stopped purchasing items with money. Among other aspects, it is very beneficial for a person to keep cash at hand, but there are some benefits of cash, then you had not expected.

Cash helps in losing weight

Kick the bad habit and keep the good ones.

People who perform all of their transactions through paper money, buy a few drinks and desserts when they are at work or in a restaurant. Restaurants and stores are the main booby-trap hotspots that can tempt you to buy more food or items. So, think about not swiping a credit card and get some cash. As money which is felt in hand is far better than plastic, plus you really get to know what you are paying for.

Cash can help you get better deals

If you want to be a sharp negotiator, you must have some money on your hands or pocket full of those bills. I swear it will work. Let me take an example if you are out and want to go to a yoga class, they say that they will charge you $30 for that, but when you take out the cash and count it in front of them, and say Look, I have got only $20. Do you know what they will do? They will keep it. That is why negotiating with cash is the most intelligent thing one can do to save some dollars.

Cash will help you save some money! But How?

What is more painful than physically handing over your hard-earned money to someone? When a person pays for something using cash, there is a sudden feeling of sadness that one feels for some moments. It hurts to part with your money as you sweated for it.

That is why making credit card transactions must be avoided at all costs to save big bucks. Believe me, plastic is not real. The paper is because, during an online purchase, you are not watching your money disappear.  That is why we don’t mind swiping a card in a store or at a restaurant and later forget we even bought something.

If you want to decrease your expenses and want to lose weight too, try ditching plastic for cash. Cash can help you save funds for the future, and on the other side, you won’t ever have to take a personal loan, and won’t ever receive a giant credit card bill.

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