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A $100,000 Check Surprise from Justin Bieber to His Fan

Justin Bieber keeps on proving to be a hero astonishing the fans with his humbleness during the live show.

Bieber giving big donations

Bieber turned the heads high by donating a $100,000 check to a 25-year-old college student Julie Coker, a mental health organization activist and the president of the non-profit organization at Stockton University.

Coker was lately diagnosed with depression and talked to the New York Post spokesperson about how they should work and talk more about the mental health issues as half of the population suffer from it at one point in their lifetime.

She is the die-hard fan of the said singer, and the first-ever concert she attended was a Bieber show. This time around, she was surprised to find the rockstar at the stage of MTV, where she was invited to record a promotional video for Active Minds.

She expressed to Billboards her experience with talking to Justin Bieber when she congratulated him on his marriage, that how kind he was to listen to her mental health story. She will be using the received amount to graduate at Monmouth University and contributing to Active Minds organizations.

The Story of the Three

The benevolence of Bieber came in just after his recent music video release of  ‘Intentions,’ which includes him and rapper Quavo, with whom Bieber had co-worked back in 2017, alongside Lil Wayne and the rapper Chance. The music single aimed at promoting the women from ‘Alexandria house.’  They were featured in the song ‘I’m The One,’ depicting the story of three struggling women.

One of the three is Bahri, a native of Saudi Arabia and the first graduate in her family. The second one is Marcy, who works to encourage youth for what necessities they require after her own shattering experience in a foster home and later an abusive relationship. The third is Angela, who witnessed homelessness; she also sings a verse in the video.

Bieber helped them all, he got Bahri a new car so that she can reach her class on time, provided Marcy with backpacks full of supplies, and Angela with a private studio so that she can raise awareness about homelessness in a creative medium.

What’s next

The release of ‘Intentions’ is to clash his presence on Saturday Night Live this weekend, where RuPaul will be making his hosting debut, and Bieber will be on the set for the third time following his performances in 2011 and 2013.

His new song ‘Changes’ is set to be released on Feb 14, and after that, he will be traveling for his new Music Album starting in May.

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