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Sophie Turner Was Pressured into Losing Weight Because of This Heart-Wrenching Reason

Sophie Turner is one of the many celebrities who are opening about mental health issues. The renowned Game of Thrones actress recently admitted that she suffered from depression, insecurities, and identity crisis for years.

Back when Turner was cast for Game of Thrones, she had to sacrifice her normal life for fame and stardom. At the time it seemed like a small price to pay for a chance to become one of the most sought-after celebrities in Hollywood, but the actress soon found herself in the midst of an identity crisis, questioning her purpose in life.

She envied her classmates for getting accepted into their dream colleges while she was stuck in her parent’s house during the show’s shooting.

Sophie Turner revealed she also dealt with body shaming while shooting for GoT.

Sophie Turner revealed that she dealt with body shaming comments while filming for GoT

It didn’t help that she also has to deal with naysayers who picked on her “terrible” acting and appearance. As if that wasn’t enough, Turner is now opening up about yet another hurdle she endured for years.

The actress revealed she got pressured into losing weight and maintain a gorgeous physique to please her fans. Let us uncover how this new pressure affected Turner’s physical and mental health.

The Confession

In an interview with Marie Claire Australia, Sophie Turner revealed she experienced mental health struggles at a young age. While she was ecstatic to know her popularity was growing thanks to millions of people watching GoT worldwide, there was a downside to her fame. 

Turner said there were times where she's afraid of eating foods in fear of gaining more weight.

Turner said there were times when she was afraid of eating in fear of gaining weight

Turner revealed how she was scared to eat at one point, which only harmed her metabolism, causing her to start gaining weight. What’s worse, the unsettling reason behind her weight gain went unnoticed in front of the camera.

She began receiving harsh comments from fans stating how “Sansa gained 10 pounds” or how “Sansa is fat and isn’t attractive anymore.” These comments hurt her feelings and knocked down her self-confidence.

The Healing

When asked how Turner recovered from this pressure to look perfect, the actress said therapy helped her get back on her feet. Turner emphasized the need to have a therapist and to undergo counseling sessions as much as possible. When everyone is telling you that you don’t look good enough, or that you’re not worthy of being loved or admired, it can take a serious toll on your mental health and self-esteem.

The GoT actress encourages everyone to undergo therapy to overcome their mental health struggles.

The GoT actress encourages everyone to seek therapy to overcome their mental health struggles

Furthermore, you need someone to unload the negative feelings and emotional baggage you endure and that’s where the role of a therapist comes in.

These people are professionally trained to help clients manage stress, overcome depression, and any other mental or emotional struggles they might be suffering from. If it wasn’t for Sophie’s therapist, she would have a hard time recovering from the online bullying.

The Recovery

Aside from therapy, Sophie is incredibly thankful for her family, friends, and her now-husband Joe Jonas for their immense and unwavering support. If it wasn’t for their love and care for her, Sophie would still be stuck in a vicious cycle of self-loathing and self-sabotage.

They always reminded her of her worth and boosted her confidence even when she doesn’t believe it herself. Thanks to their constant support, the actress can now say she’s in a happier place.

She plans to enjoy every moment with Joe Jonas as they embark on their new journey as a married couple. The actress also says she can’t wait to create more beautiful moments with him as they build their own family together.

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