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Follow These Tips for Guaranteed Life of Happiness

What is really the key towards happiness? Is it the new pair of shoes and a new designer bag? Is it the physical attractiveness of one’s romantic partner? Or maybe the educational attainment and professional success? No matter the reasons are, people seem to constantly look for over-pouring source happiness.

Perfect Instagram feeds create an illusion that someone’s life is perfect and it sometimes triggers unhappiness to viewers with problems

As the saying goes, ‘happiness is a choice’. True, but how do we discern if we are choosing happiness from an emotional roadblock? Nobody seems to have an answer. After all, being happy is completely subjective. But math can be of help, most specifically statistics. No-no, this is not an examination so no need to panic. Statistics helps us identify the most common pattern of what happiness looks like and the relationship of these factors to our emotions. These came from scientific studies in Psychology and the related field of Social Sciences. So grab that journal and start writing.

Responsible Social Media Usage

People who spend more time on social media are found to be less happy and contented with life. According to a research, few hours of browsing the internet reduces the probability of satisfaction with life overall by 14 percentage points. Of all the social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, etc.), Instagram is the happiness culprit. This is because pictures usually uploaded on Instagram are perfect and flawless. Let’s be honest, we just can’t help but compare our summer with our friends. YouTube, on the other hand, excites happy hormones the most.

Learn To Say Yes and No

Say no to new gadgets. Say yes to plane tickets

This can be linked to our bad habits. Whether it’s being a workaholic or a party animal, we have to know when to draw the line. Recurring bad habits that we find saying yes to, makes us feel less disciplined and competent. Instead of reverting back to these vices, say no to it and stick out for it. Saying yes means to open our world to more life. Say yes to a new adventure, a new friend, or a new book. Cultivate more values and ditch the vices.

Keep Moving

One of the most obvious factors on how to stay happy is to constantly move. Taking care of our body boosts our emotion. Physical ailments and chronic pain take away from our quality of life and our ability to feel happy. Exercising, even just for 10 minutes, a day produces endorphin or the happy hormone. Going to the gym is not really a necessity to be happy- a lot of gym goers are quite miserable since they feel forced. Do simple physical activities like using the stairs instead of the elevator, doing some chores on weekends, and taking the dog out for a walk.


Scientists have found, again and again, that those with a spiritual practice or who follow religious beliefs tend to be happier than those who don’t. People with a grounded faith are also likely to experience depression, anxiety, and suicide compared to nonbelievers. This happier outlook in life can be explained by spiritual quotations and verses. They also tend to get frustrated since they believe that things happen for a reason and that there is a greater force that controls everything. People who don’t have this kind of outlet sometimes get drenched blaming themselves for their less fortunate standing.

Rest Without Guilt

Yes, there should be a balance between moving and resting. An adult needs six to eight hours of sleep every day to function properly. A study reported that the people who sleep with the said amount of time reported feeling happier compared to those who skip a good night rest.

Poor sleep quality can lead to deterioration on some parts of the brain

Sleep deprivation leads to agitation and mood swings- not to mention overeating. People who sleep early and rise up early report on feeling more productive compared to those all-nighters. It’s not every day that we can afford that long sleep due to the workloads or studying that needs to be done. Instead of browsing the internet, spend those times instead to get an earlier sleep. Social media can’t give a stable happiness, but sleep definitely can.

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