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Margot Robbie, Jennifer Lopez and More Stars Who Believe Breakfast Is Overrated

For some people, mornings are not complete without breakfast, which is often touted as the most important meal of the day – health experts and dieticians have sworn by the idea that skipping breakfast can be harmful to your weight loss progress and metabolism. While eating in the morning does help to give your body energy to sustain itself as you go about your day, it isn’t always necessary.

Everyone’s different when it comes to hunger cues, and while some wake up in the morning ravenous, others who aren’t blessed with a fast metabolism don’t usually get hungry until lunchtime. If you fall in the latter category, don’t stress because researchers say that you’re better off skipping breakfast altogether!

Margot Robbie’s trainer says breakfast is overrated

Is Breakfast Overrated?

If you’re not a morning person, chances are that you don’t even want to leave your bed when the alarm rings, let alone having breakfast before getting busy with the day. There are those who simply don’t have an appetite early in the morning. Apparently, they agree with experts who say that breakfast is overrated and that they meet their fitness goal just fine without a morning meal.

David Higgins, author of “The Hollywood Body Plan”, promotes the benefits of skipping breakfast to his celebrity clients like Samuel L Jackson, Claudia Schiffer, Rebecca Ferguson, Colin Firth, Naomi Campbell, and Margot Robbie.

He denounced the old notion that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and said that it was just a marketing stunt to make people buy eggs – Higgins wasn’t kidding, though, it was indeed an advertising campaign for bacon and eggs that first sent the message about breakfast, a Guardian report said.

Back then, people had no specific food preferences for breakfast and oftentimes they ate the leftover from last night. However, things evolved and when a public relations work inculcated in our minds that there are certain breakfast foods, it became ingrained in our minds.

Contrasting Studies

Meanwhile, there are a lot of studies that say otherwise: that breakfast is an important part of our road to a healthy lifestyle.

Most of them point out that those who skip breakfast tend to gain weight more than those who eat the meal in the morning – this is because those who don’t gobble up breakfast get hungrier than usual and as a result, they overeat when they can’t take the starvation anymore.

Then there are those who believe that people should consume most of their calories during the morning, the heaviest should be allotted earliest during the day.

A lot of studies on the importance of breakfast contradict each other, which leaves people confused

The Association for Nutrition spokesperson Rhiannon Lambert said that breakfast is a vessel for energy so that our bodies can fuel up for the whole day ahead. It not only helps the body absorb essential nutrients, minerals, and vitamins to sustain various biological functions, but it is also crucial for our brains to function well.

So basically if you skip the meal and practically continue your fast and then reach for cookies or unhealthy foods by 11 a.m., that’s nowhere near a healthy step toward achieving your goal.

However, a University of Bath study did not see that people consumed more during lunch or dinner when they skipped breakfast. Higgins himself advocates intermittent fasting, which you may have probably heard on TV or have read on the internet. It’s gaining popularity over the past years with even celebrities swearing by its effectiveness.

Intermittent Fasting

What is intermittent fasting? This is an eating approach wherein you have a window of 6 to 8 hours to consume all your calories for the day and a fasting window of 16 to 18 hours where you don’t eat anything.

In lay man’s terms, this means you can eat within your daily calorie limit as long as you remain in a fasted state for the remainder of the day. People who do intermittent fasting usually forgo breakfast and eat a big lunch around noon and have their last meal around 8 p.m.

Jennifer Lopez is also a huge fan of intermittent fasting

Higgins said intermittent fasting can give your digestive system a rest for the fasting window and you can also consume lesser calories because you’re pressed for time.

As for those who can’t resist eating in the morning or those who have the need to have breakfast, the trainer said they can just adjust the windows – eating breakfast and missing dinner, for example, which means the eating style is basically up to you.

Reported effects of intermittent fasting include cell repair, reduction of insulin levels in the blood, lowering type 2 diabetes risk, and boosting metabolism. Meanwhile, apart from Higgins, former professional sprinter and author Max Lowery is a firm believer that removing one meal a day has lots of benefits.

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